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I am a Birth Ambassador. What does that mean? It means that I will walk with you through the "new" land of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. I will provide you with information and education where needed. I will  advocate and translate along the way. I will be diplomatic with your care providers and nurses. 
I've lived in many different countries of the world and know how to respect and adapt to people's traditions and cultures. I am calm, reliable, knowledgeable, warm and above all I am passionate about birth. I love squishy babies and love caring for mamas and families.
"Your birth has the potential to be profoundly transformative in your life. It is the right of every person to have the birth that they desire and to make choices that are best for themselves, their baby, and their family."

Doula Services

Looking for reliable, personal, un-rushed labor support? In person and virtual doula care.

Infant CPR Class

Learn skills and confidence to turn a life-threatening situation into a lifesaving one.

Spinning Babies

Help your baby get in an ideal position to have an easier birth with this technique.

Belly Casting

This 3D plaster sculpture of your pregnant abdomen is the perfect keepsake of your pregnancy.

Hi, I'm Joyce...

As a young girl living in Rwanda, Africa I would go to maternity clinics to help mothers with their newborns wishing to be able to assist at a birth. 

After having traveled the world while working for diplomats for many years I quit my job in September 2011 and decided to follow my heart and passion to work with young families especially with pregnant women.

Joyce & Tim

We cannot say enough great things about Joyce. We loved her the moment we interviewed her. To begin, she is impeccably specific and detailed in the services she offers. As nervous future parents, she did a great job of putting us at ease; came to our home and patiently walked us through what to expect during the labor and birthing process. She gave us numerous exercise and body movement regiments to help get the baby in the right position during labor. Additionally, she periodically sent us research and academic papers that addressed different aspects of pregnancy actions and outcomes. She left us with plenty of books and DVDs for us to be more knowledgeable. She was always reachable by phone and email to answer any questions we had. During the labor and postpartum phase, our plans changed and Joyce was very accommodating with that and she stayed with us all through; very practical in her advice. I felt very empowered in my decision making thanks to her. My husband loved the fact that I had support while he dashed out to get food, shower/change clothes etc. Really helped baby latch on and checked up on us once we got home which we really appreciated. She also was a good reference source for us. To sum it up, it felt like having a friend, sister, mum, advisor all in one! Would definitely call Joyce again for baby number two.

Elizabeth Cleary

When I was pregnant with my third baby, my husband and I did not intend to have a doula. We had not used one for our other two. Fast forward to the end of this last pregnancy and my husband was diagnosed with the flu. The doctors wanted to induce, but said he could not be in the labor and delivery area until he was symptom free to ensure the health of all. Obviously, this was disheartening information to receive, but we totally understood. I scrambled trying to think of who to ask to help me through such an important moment in my life and my OBGYN recommended I connect with Joyce. I spoke with Joyce over the phone and we had an immediate connection. She acknowledged that while my situation was certainly unique, she would be available to us in any way we needed. Over the course of the week, we spoke on the phone and texted often. I found the research based information and techniques she provided me to prolong the pregnancy, so that I could try to hold off the induction so my husband could be there, incredibly helpful. Joyce was my voice of reason and my biggest supporter during that stressful time. Thanks to Joyce, not only did I keep my sanity, but her advice and information allowed for enough time to pass so that my husband could recuperate and be present for the birth of our third and final baby! We are very grateful for her kindness, warmth and expertise. Hopefully one day, we will have the pleasure of meeting Joyce in person since she was a blessing to us and a special part of our daughter’s birth.

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